Germany has decided to shut down all coal-related activities

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The whole world is fighting against climate change. Coal is a major contributor to global climate change. 

Germany has pledged to comply with the Paris climate agreement. Therefore, Germany has decided to shut down all coal-related activities. This includes coal mining & coal burning to produce energy. The plan is to gradually decrease the activities before making the final move to call off all activities in 2038 officially. 

After pledging to comply with the Paris climate agreement, the German government prepared a commission. The commission announced to move from coal energy to wood pellets within 19 years.  All of us with  stoves will be using pellet technology by then.   These stove will still need stove glass and stove parts.

Since the announcement, the production of wood pellets powered stoves is on the rise. It’s an energy-efficient replacement, and the stove glass stays clean as well.

As per one of the commission members, the decision to shut down the coal-related activities is a historic feat for Germany. Around 40% of Germany’s energy needs are fulfilled from coal. Across Germany, around 84 coal power plants are working, which accounts for 40% of the country’s energy production. As per the consequences of the decision, all 84 plants will shut down by the end of 2038. 

According to the commission’s recommendations, $45 billion aid should be distributed among those affiliated with this industry. As it seems, the government will accept this proposal for the sake of environmental protection. Within the next 19 years, Germany will start producing electricity from renewable energy sources. 

Another crucial decision taken by the German government is to shut down its nuclear plant by 2022. The objective of this decision is to rely on renewable sources only. According to a report, Germany is responsible for the most amount of gas emission among EU countries. The report also says; Germany should get rid of its coal-powered energy by 2030. It’s the ideal condition to comply with the Paris climate agreement. All non-renewable energy sources should be eradicated from the system. 

There’s a common concern among the majority of environmentalists that Germany should get rid of coal energy by the end of 2030. Stretching it to 2038 would result in pushing the German economy behind other EU countries.  

Germany deserves praise for stepping up to this issue and pledging to play its role in climate sustenance. There’s no denying that it would take time. However, the German government and all other authorities deserve appreciation. Other countries should follow the footsteps of countries fighting climate change.

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