Stove Glass Replacement Steps

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stove glass replacement

Detach Stove Glass:

Detach the existing stove glass by removing the clips. These clips may be of many different shapes and sizes but their sole purpose is to hold the stove glass. To remove these clips we need to use screw driver or a drill to do a clean job. We need to be careful here and hold the glass firmly while removing these clips so that it won’t fall out.

Replace Gasket:

First clean up the stove glass edges and take the sticky tape – peel it off as needed depending on the size of the glass. We need to make sure here edges of the stove glass is completely covered with the tape and then smoothly stick it to the complete edge of the stove glass. Just apply some force on the tape to make sure it glued well with the stove glass edges and if any extra tape left we can cut that off.

Stove Glass Replacement:

Now is the time to replace your stove glass but before that makes sure stove door structure is clean and no debris inside. Better to clean the stove door structure before the installing the stove glass. Put the stove glass safely on the stove door structure and adjust to make sure it matched position from all the ends equally to attach all he clips and screws. Please use screwdriver to tighten the screws and make sure you do not tighten the screws too much as it may lead to broke your stove glass again when you use the stove. In many cases it has been seen because of too much pressure applied via clips and screws leads to broken stove glass once heated. So do not use extra force to tight the screws and clips of the stove glass.

Clean the replaced stove glass:

Use a non-abrasive glass cleaner of any kind and spray it on the glass. Take some paper or newspaper crumple it down and put it on the wet parts of the glass mix it and clean the glass with it . You’ll see a kind of paste it will become. Keep wiping the surface of the stove glass for couple of minutes. You’ll notice the soot on the stove glass door starts breaking down. once you are done with this use the glass cleaner to spray the stove glass door again and then wipe it off with clean paper or soft towel or some soft piece of cloth.

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