A rope gasket kit with the high-temperature adhesive to hold it in place. The braided, white fibre glass gasket around the perimeter of the air-tight door on a woodstove or fireplace insert is important. Changing it is easy and safe when the gasket fails.

How do you measure a stove rope?

You can either measure the width of the channel that holds your stove rope or measure the width of the fire rope itself. The diameter is the width, in a straight line, between the widest points in the stove rope when it is not compressed or stretched.

What is stove rope used for?

Stove rope is used to create air tight seals between two materials such as the heat resistant glass and the door of your wood burning stove, as well as the door and the body of the stove.

When Should I Replace My Rope Seals?

We recommend replacing (or at the very least inspecting) your Rope Seals annually. Have you noticed your stove is drawing more fiercely than it once did or the glass seems to have tar deposits forming quickly? This is a sign your seals need addressing.

How Do I Replace Rope & Adhesive Kit place Rope Seals?

Your stove manual should give you the diameter of stove rope to enable you to purchase the correct size for your stove. If you do not have your stove manual, you can check with the stove manufacturer as to the diameter that you will need to do the job. Don’t guess this size! – if the diameter is too small it will not effect a proper seal and if it is too large it may damage the door or hinges when it is closed.If possible remove the door from the stove and place on a flat surface, remembering to protect the glass from scratching. Remove the old rope and ensure all remnants of adhesive have been removed by using wire wool or a steel brush. Place the new rope into the groove in the door without stretching or bunching, allow 2-3mm for adjustment and then cut to size. Ensure the ends are cut at a 90° angle.Apply the adhesive into the channel and then place the stove rope on top. Secure the rope into place with tape or pegs (for example) for a full 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure sufficiently. The application of some heat can quicken the process.


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