Summer Maintenance of your stove

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Are you one of those who forget about their stove once the harshness of winter goes away?

If you think it has done its job and there’s no need to clean it until the next winter, then it’s a bad idea. Make sure to clean the ash and return the controls to neutral positions after using it for the last time in the current winter. 

What Damages The Stove?

During summer, the temperature rises, and the outside becomes hotter than the inside of your house. It results in the reversal of airflow within the flue. Normally, the air within the flue flows from up to down, starting to flow down the flue.

The very first thing that results from the reversal of airflow is bad odor. It won’t damage the stove. However, it certainly causes discomfort. It happens when the stove is not cleaned properly. If you maintain the stove and clean the ash regularly, you won’t experience bad odor during the summer. 

The bad odor won’t cause any physical damage; however, the moisture that drops down damages the stove. To increase the life span of the stove parts and stove glass, proper maintenance is necessary. Not only, it improves the durability, but it saves money as well. 

Tips To Save Your Stove From Damage

When the winter is over, make sure to take these below steps. These measures would prevent the stove from damage and increase its life.

  • After using it for the last time in the winter, get rid of ash & tar and wipe the stove glass properly.
  • Take out the baffle plate and clean its backside, and get rid of the buildup behind it.
  • Taking out & cleaning the firebricks and protection plate is important as well. 
  • Double-check that there are no particles of ash behind any parts. Use a vacuum to clean it properly.
  • Use a spray for its cleaning and apply it to all the stove parts and stove glass
  • If your stove has moving parts like small doors, then spray those stove parts as well. Clean the handles and latches of the doors. 

Other Important Considerations

After a certain time, the rope seals and stove glass seals experience wear & tear. You should check the rope seals and other seals too. If there’s any damage, then hire a professional for stove glass replacement or other stove spares

If you want your stove to stay with you for a longer time, then maintain it properly. Besides proper cleaning & maintenance of stove, you should hire a professional service provider to sweep the chimney.

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